Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Marissa came to see Kaiya & Mato / マリッサがKaiyaとMatoに会いに来た Nov. 29


New bike!  I bought it on black Friday and picked it up on Monday!  A cyclocross bike.  I'm not planning to race or anything but I was looking for a nice bike which I could ride through the Swedish winter and I thought this kind would work.  Very expensive.  I do NOT want it to get stolen again so I bought real nice locks too!!!  I just love riding the bike and it felt sooooo good back on the bike!


ブラックフライデーに便乗して買っちゃった。金曜に買って月曜にピックアップしに行ってきました!シクロクロスタイプのレースバイク。まぁレースに出るわけじゃないけど 冬の間も乗れるいいバイクを探してたらこれになりました。かなりいいお値段したので もう絶対盗まれないように頑丈なロックも一緒に購入。やっぱり自転車に乗るのは気持ちがいい〜!!!

Yesterday morning!


No one came when we were in the dog park so we left once.  Then Kaiya seemed like she wanted to go back.  No wonder.  There was Chilli in the dog park.  Good thing that we came back!

誰もこないからドッグランを後にしたら どうやら戻りたそうなKaiya。それもそのはず。シリィがドッグランに来てた。戻ってみてよかったぜィ!

Kaiya giving tons of kisses to her fovorite Carina!

Are you guys kissing?

Then it happened all the sudden.  A band sound like a gun shot sound out of blue.  Chilli was just standing like nothing just happened.  Kaiya who hates the sound of fireworks got so scared.  She was going back and forth in the dog park.  Mato didn't seem like he was scared but he followed Kaiya around.  

I wonder what that sound was.

Since Kaiya wanted to go home, we went back home right a way.

そしてそして 急にパーン!!!!! 銃声みたいな音が。



まっ とにかくKaiyaがもう家に帰りた過ぎたので この後すぐ帰りました〜。

In the late afternoon, Pac's mommy Marissa came to see Kaiya and Mato!

She loves doggies and she really wanted to see puppy Mato :)))


犬好きマリッサ まだ子犬のMatoに会いたくて仕方がなかったのさぁ(*^^*)

"Are you going home already?"

Marissa gotta go back home to Pac now ;)  We'll see her soon again!



Monday, November 28, 2016

Snowstorm / 吹雪いたぁ〜 Nov.27

We went for a morning walk in a little bit of snow fluttering to the park up on the hill.

It was blowing a lot and freezing.  We jogged together to the park to warm ourself up! :)

It probably snowed just a little cuz I could see some white part on the ground.

Kaiya and Mato as usual ran and ran and ran!!


風が強くて すんごっく寒ーい!から みんなで走りながら公園へ向かったよぉ。



Then just before noon, daddy told me to look outside the window.

OMG!!!!! Snowstorm!!!

After about 5 minutes, it stopped and even the sun came out.  I thought it was over. But of course, the snowstorm again!  This went over and over and over pretty much whole day.  That's why everything was totally covered in white!

I had to work from late afternoon.  I took them out before that.

Mato was actually experiencing the falling snow for the first time.  He seemed enjoying it very much ;)

そしてそして 昼ちょっと前。

ダディが 窓の外見てみて! っていうから見たら・・・ガビーン!!!


5分くらい吹雪いたら太陽が出て そしてまた吹雪いての繰り返してで 一瞬のうちに白い世界に変わったよ!

今日は夕方から仕事だから その前にお散歩〜!


We bumped into Simba and we all came to the dog park to play together!  Then Simba's neighbor Cooper came.  Cooper is 6 months old, just a month older than Mato.  He and Mato ran and played sooooo much!!!  

シンバにバッタリ。みんなでドッグランへ行ったら シンバのご近所さんにバッタリ。シンバのご近所さんのクーパーは6ヶ月でMatoと1ヶ月違いだから この2人そうとう遊んだぁ〜!



Sunday, November 27, 2016

They're getting along! / 確実に仲良くなってる! Nov.26

Hmmm...We started off our walk wondering where we should go this morning...

By the time I realized, we were already in the woods :)))


って考えてたら 結局いつもの森に到着(笑)

M: よいしょっ。

K: いい棒見つけたじゃん!

K: じゃ。

M: って うおぃっ!!マジかっ!



Time to go home!!  ....though they didn't wanna leave this place at all...:(

さぁ 帰るよぉ〜!って言ってんのになかなか帰りたがらないお二人(^^;)

Kaiya's favorite uncle Kay and his family came to visit us this afternoon!

First time for Mato to meet them!



Mato vs Lucus ;p

By the way, I got a good news.

Just seconds before this picture something really nice happened.

Kaiya used to growl to Mato when he gets this close or maybe closer.  She even used to show her teeth when his face was too close to hers.

But this time, that never happened.  She didn't growl.  She didn't show her teeth.  She did nothing but lying there!  Mato lay down that close to her but she didn't care.

They are getting along :)))))

そうそう このちょっと前の瞬間に嬉しいことが!

いつもならこんなに近くに寄って しかも顔が近付くものならKaiyaが少し歯を見せて唸るのに この時は全く唸らず Matoがちょこんと座っても全然ふつー。