Monday, October 16, 2017

Mommy's extra energetic / 元気すぎるマミー Oct. 16

Somehow mommy was pumped up and the work out at the gym wasn't enough.  That's why we took an extra walk today!

Look!  I thought they were very quiet and no wonder why... I guess extra walk made them crash right a way.

Mato is his usual spot on the couch.

Kaiya who likes cooler place is on the fur rug on the floor.

Sweet dreams my sweet babies ;)

今日はなぜかマミーが元気モリモリでジムでのトレーニングだけじゃ足りなかったらしく いつもより多く散歩に出たよぉ〜!

したら じゃじゃ〜ん!なんか静かだと思ったら 2人ともマミーの横でダーウン!


涼しいとこが好きなKaiyaはMatoの下の毛皮マットの上で スヤスヤ〜(о´∀`о)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunny Sunnday / 晴れの日曜日 Oct. 15

Unbelievably sunny!!

My babies were happy and energetic!


2人も高台の公園ではしゃいだはしゃいだ( ^ω^ )

Before the sun went down, we decided to go out and chill in the park.



Mato (left)                Kaiya (right)



Pella's birthday / ペラの誕生日 Oct. 14

I was gonna take a break from a restless day...lay down and spread out the news paper in front of me.

These two were too adorable.  I had to take a photo :)))))

休憩〜って ゴロンってして新聞でも読もうかしてたら・・・


Mato  (left)               Mommy               Kaiya (right)

Kaiya doesn't usually stay too close too long...but this boy is pretty much always besides me ;))

Kaiyaはいつまでも近くにいないヒトだけど Matoはいっつもマミーの近く。

We visited Simba in the evening!

Mato playing with Per-

Simba & Kaiya

Pella turns 20 on Monday so we had early birthday dinner together and had also a cake :))))

お姉ちゃんのペラの誕生日(本当は月曜だけど)。みんなでご飯食べて ケーキも食べたよぉ〜!

A break from rain / 雨から一休み Oct. 13

It's been raining a lot in Stockholm....dark and rainy usual fall...

But finally we got the sun back!!

The sun showed itself when I was on the way to work biking.

Awesome!  Warm!  Thank you SUN!!!






Afternoon walk on Friday lasted about one and a half hour.

Kaiya loves to make herself


途中で 出た Kaiyaのゴロゴロ。・・・ここでかぁ〜(^^;)


We were by the woods and had some off the lead time :)



Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nose work (step.2) 3 / ノーズワーク(ステップ2) 3 Oct. 10

We had the last class of the Nose Work step 2.

On the way there in the train.  Looks like Mato's ready to do it! ;)

At first, we had four different type of search with only using laurel: glass containers on the floor, plastic containers on the floor, magnets on the fridge, and lined tea infusers on the rope.

This lined tea infuser search was the most difficult one!

The target odor is in one of the tea infusers and because the odor spreads in the air, everyone was having hard time finding the target!


この茶こしは難しかったぁ〜!網だから臭いが空気中に広がって ターゲット臭の元にたどり着くのが困難になるらしく みんな悪戦苦闘してた。

We also did some search outside.


Little lecture time.


Now we are completed the Step 2.  Maybe we can take Step 3 class later but now I think we gonna practice at home for a while :)

It was really fun and nice experience for Mato, too ;)))

これでステップ2終了〜!暫くはうちで練習してもっともっとうまくなるぞ〜!ステップ3のクラスは後々ね(^ ^)

なかなか楽しかった!Matoもクラスに通っていい経験ができてよかった( ^∀^)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rainy weekend / 雨の週末 Oct. 08

It was raining whole weekend in Stockholm.

Thanks to this non-stop rain, we couldn't take a long walk at all.

That's why we became couch potatoes.  lol




Thanks are soooo funny even when you are asleep.

白目むいて ぐで〜。

Actually it wasn't raining on Saturday morning so we could take a walk little longer than usual.

We were so soon as we got home, it started to rain!

土曜日の朝は雨が降る前に散歩に行けたから ちょっと長めの散歩で楽しめたよぉ〜!

帰って来たて早々に雨が降り出したから ちょーラッキー!

Kaiya (left)                     Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)                     Mato (right)

Kaiya got too excited and forgot I was there...she ran into

I almost fell, almost dropped my phons and the cards in the phone case flew out.

んで持って Kaiyaにガチで激突された〜!w

スマホケースに入れてた カードが舞い落ちたさ〜(o_o)

Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

Mato             Mommy            Kaiya 



This morning!

We came to the dog park...but seems like somebody wanna leave already. ;p


ドッグラン来たけど Kaiyaさんは この通り。

And the other one joined the "please mommy just get it done with and go home" club. lol

雨だからさっさと先に進んで帰りたいらしいKaiyaにつられて Matoも。(笑)

Friday, October 6, 2017

Quiz / クイズ Oct. 05

Chilli's mama Carina had to work early so we were on our own this morning.

Thought we could take a walk to some other place than we usual go ;)

シリィのママのカリーナが早くからお仕事だったから 今朝は私たちだけ〜。

いつもと違うとこへ散歩へ行ったよ( ´ ▽ ` )

And here a little quiz!

In these 2 photos below, which one is Kaiya and which one is Mato???

If you get it right, I give away Kaiya and Mato's shed fur!!!...or not... ;p


下の2つの写真のシルエット どっちがKaiyaで どっちがMatoでしょうか??

正解すると もれなくKaiyaとMatoのモフ毛がプレゼントされるとかされないとか・・・。

 Here's another quiz.

In the photo below, Kaiya and Mato are staring at Simba which I don't think you can really see him in this photo.

I thought I heard my name so I looked back and there they were.  Simba and his mom Patrya were walking towards us!

If you can find where Simba is, you might get Simba's shed fur ;p...Acutally I don't know if he sheds...but I know he gets groomed time to time and they trim so much fur!!

そして じゃじゃん!!

2人が凝視している先には シンバがいるんだけど この写真だとわかんないかなぁ〜。

なんか呼ばれた気がして振り向いたら シンバとシンバのママのパトリアがこっちに向かって来てたの〜!

シンバがどこにいるかわかったら もれなくシンバのモフ毛プレゼント!!・・したいけどなぁ〜・・・プレゼントしたいほど毛がいっぱいなシンバだけどなぁ〜。